The Brand

The Díomí Collection is an inspired juxtaposition of contrasting elements that offer a new perspective on luxurious Accessories. A full line of beautifully made women’s ready to wear cashmere, fur trimmed coats, fur coats, and accessories. The collection mixes true innovation with artisan craft for a sophisticated aesthetic. Lush and unique materials reflect the designer’s passion for the products. The interplay of opposite texture and material. It is at once rebellious and classic, severs and voluptuous. The collection is re-imagined for a compelling mix of rich Cashmere, Leather, Mink, and jolts of color all to add up to a sexy, luxe aesthetic products.


The Fur

Dimoi is proud to boast one of the most complete and most wholistic collections of furs in the entire world.

Hand selected and individually died, each garment has a personality of its own and no two are the same. Our aim is to provide our customers with garments that will not only last a lifetime, but that will also remain a favorite for years to come.

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Store Locations

As of 2021 Díomí has three primary locations in addition to hundreds of retail partners across the world. The main showroom is located on West 37th Street in Manhattan.

The Lien Showroom in Porto Alegre is our Brazilian home away from home and our first ever boutique Best of New York Is located in Genève, Switzerland.

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Best of New York