Charitable work & Programs

At Díomí, we believe that giving is just as important as receiving and we have made it our mission to give as much as we can. Not only do we maintain rigorous standards in our production methods, we also seek to promote human rights around the world.

Children are the worlds promise for a better future. During these sensitive times we all look to participate to make this possible. Together with “Enfants du Monde”, we are raising funds through our online sales by donating 10% of the proceeds on all your definite purchases for the entire month of September. In addition, we have a special selection of our collection put on sale for this event.

An Important Mission

Enfants du Monde provide basic education for children focusing on the quality of teaching and the development of the student’s autonomy. They facilitate access to health services and improve the quality of care for the benefit of pregnant women, mothers and babies through the active engagement of the local population.

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More about the Organization

Enfants du Monde

Is a Swiss organization based in Geneva who provide quality education and access to health services for children and mothers in the poorest countries of the world for more than 50 years.

They pay special attention to girls' education, which in some countries is something that few have the opportunity to pursue. Restraints such as staying at home to help with domestic work often means that girls have a more difficult time accessing education than boys in developing nations.